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       Read my blog for Inspiration and Information! I have a lot to share based on my life experiences as a Christian woman, wife, mother, grandmother, school teacher, life-long crafter, DIYer, published author and photographer. Occasionally I'll share some of my favorite recipes for food, dog treats, and
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Join Deena and Dibbs, two of the cutest doves you've ever seen, as they share what it was like to live inside Noah's Ark during the largest flood in world history! This full-color eBook is based on the biblical account found in Genesis.

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           Recently my husband and I were discussing how we have managed to stay together...and happy...all these years. We'll celebrate our 33rd anniversary in October, 2016.  Other than compatibility, we did identify some things we think have made a difference.
  •   Put the other one first! Both of us have always put the other one's needs before our own. The only exception is when we've been physically ill or just had surgery. Then obviously, our spouse needs to take care of us!
  • Surprises matter! It can be something little like a note in a lunchbox, or something bigger, like a weekend getaway---regardless, keep those surprises coming for your spouse!
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